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Choosing the right Auto Body Shop for your commercial vehicle repair service

Take these necessary steps to find the right Auto Body Shop to get your commercial vehicle repair service done in a timely and efficient manner

Have you recently been in an accident or noticed a funny vehicle sound? Then I’m sure you have thought about taking it to an auto body shop for commercial vehicle repair service. But which one? Speed Wrench agrees that this is an important decision worth asking yourself a couple of questions about.

A minor collision can seriously compromise your vehicle’s safety and aesthetic value. That is where a trusted commercial vehicle repair service shop comes in. They will assess the damage severity and perform repairs to return your vehicle back to optimal condition. Before getting the work performed, you must carefully select a reliable and qualified auto body shop in your area. Speed Wrench believes this is the best approach for the auto body selection process.

Pay attention to online reviews and word of mouth

Start your search off by simply googling auto body shops near you and pay close attention to their reviews and what people are saying about their commercial repair services. Many mistakes can be avoided if you take the time to research companies. Look at how long they have been in business and types of certificates their technicians received.

It’s also a best practice to ask your friends, family or co-workers who they use, if they like them, and have they been happy with their service- referrals are a great way to determine which auto body shop you can trust!

commercial vehicle repair services

Compare Prices

Even though your insurance might pay for repairs that does not mean you shouldn’t look into the prices. Ask for an estimate, what their hourly rates are, and ask about the time needed to carry out the repairs. These questions will give you a great starting point to compare different commercial vehicle repair service shops. Especially when dealing with hourly rates- they vary, sometimes a lot, between different auto body shops. You can even go as far as asking which kind of equipment the garage uses. Some have more sophisticated machines that are more efficient in turn around time.

It is important to note here to get several estimates. Taking your car to different auto body shops for repair quotes is the best way to avoid over charges. Some body shops want the business and will match estimates. While it is important to protect yourself from getting overcharged, you shouldn’t take the lowest quote. Here you must use your judgement with who is being honest, reliable, and wants to get the job done with the most respected cost.

Ask the right questions

There are more key questions to ask when finding the right auto body shop. Other than pricing questions, you should be asking about warranties, insurance, and what types of materials they are using.

Does the shop provide a written warranty? If so, for how long? And what does the warranty cover? Some body shops offer 1-3 year warranties depending on the provided service.

Another key question to ask is if the shop carries fire and theft insurance. You want to be covered if anything happens to your car while under their care.

It is also important to know what type of materials the shop intends to fix your car with. Are they new, used, aftermarket body parts? New parts are obviously the best but there are some price savings for used or aftermarket parts. Ask where the parts are coming from and if they have been restored.


You want to find an auto body repair shop close to you. This will give you time to visit the shop during the repair and to follow the progress of their work. Most repair shops want to retain their customers, so they offer good customer care services such as picking up and dropping off during the repair.

Also, an important thing to remember here is the location will directly affect to their hourly rate. Larger body shops with more employees have a higher overhead therefore charging more and body shops located in a place where rent is expensive, you may have to expect to pay more.

Nobody loves having car troubles and dealing with taking them into repair shops. That’s why Speed Wrench has made it easier for you with a quick guide on how to choose the right auto body shop. Make sure to search the internet for reviews and look at what people are saying about different shops. Do your research! Compare prices offered by different repair shops and make sure to ask the right questions. These tips will guide you for a better experience when fixing your vehicle. 

commercial repair services

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