Full Service Auto Repair

We Repair and Service Most Vehicles in West Michigan

Here at Speed Wrench, we want to be your chosen full-service auto repair shop! That means taking care of your vehicle and keeping them in tip-top shape while removing the stress away from you. We are proud to offer full-service auto repair services to most makes and models of cars, trucks, and vans, domestic or import, compact to full-size vehicles in the Western Michigan area. 

We strive to provide top quality service either on site or in our facility, done right the first time and done the same day!

Why Choose Speed Wrench for Your Auto Repair Needs: 

Our Master State and ASE – Certified Auto Repair Technicians will service your vehicle on the road or in-shop. 

Our in-house computer system keeps your vehicle history in order. With the capability of tracking cost per mile or per month, you’ll know how much you are spending on automobile repair and maintenance.

We’re dedicated to bringing you state-of-the-art automotive repair. With the ALLDATA Diagnostic and Repair Information Database, we are equipped with computerized access to information not found in ordinary service manuals.

Auto Repair Services

Regular Maintenace 

The secret to up-keeping and maximizing your car’s performance and value is to have it regularly serviced. Speed Wrench’s maintenance package includes: 

  • Oil & Filter Replacement 
  • Exterior Light Inspection
  • Windshield Wiper Fluid 
  • Tire Pressure Adjustment 
  • And More! 

Tire and Brakes 

Your vehicle’s tires play a key role in performance. When they are worn out or mounted incorrectly, your car’s gas mileage and safety suffer. 

Most people tend to overlook their brakes and end up paying more for them later. Help prevent your next accident by ensuring your brakes are working properly. 


If your car is making weird noises or is not driving as it should be bring in your car and our mechanics will diagnose the problem and recommend a solution to get you back on the road! 

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Our Master State and ASE- Certified Auto Repair Technicians will work on repairs and service your vehicle either on site or in our facility. We are dedicated to staying up-to-date with certifications to allow us to produce quality & safe work for our customers and employees.

Auto Mechanic Certifications
Auto Engine Repair
Auto Automatic Transmission
Auto Manual Trans and Axles
Auto Front End and Steering
Auto Brakes and Braking Systems
Auto Electrical Systems

Auto Heating and Air Conditioning
Auto Engine Tune-up/Performance
ASE Master School Bus Technician
ASE Master Automobile Technician
Braun Certified – MSE Certification
Ricon Certified – S&K Series