Speed Tech Careers Intro


Speed Tech is a sister company of Speed Wrench.

The success of Speed-Tech Equipment is built on the value of its people ability to serve others.  The people are not just employees, but also part owners as participants in an ESOP company.  Speed-Tech is always looking for qualified talent to extenuate the mobile mechanical service of the waste, recycle, and material handling equipment that we care for as a service to our customers.

The focal point of service is mobile mechanical work.  Therefore, the most fundamental position within the company is a mobile technician.  We are always looking for highly skilled and quality character people to serve as a technician for Speed-Tech Equipment.  All other positions are support positions to help the mobile technician serve our clients with maximum efficiency and quality.

The qualities that our fellow owners must possess are skills, intelligence, and integrity (character).



As a Mobile Service Technician, there are three areas of skill sets that are necessary to master.  First skill set is the light industrial electric.  Our technicians must be able to troubleshoot electrical faults and be able to install and replace electrical components of the equipment.  The technician must master 230V/480V, 3 phase electrical power packs and understand the function of the power packs relative to the operation of the equipment.

The second skill set is hydraulics.  Our technicians must be able to troubleshoot hydraulic faults and be able to install or replace all hydraulic components, test and set pressure, and provide improvement solutions.  The final skill set is metal fabrication.  Our technicians must be able to cut and (MIG) weld steel and possess basic fabrication skills.

Our technicians operate out of a company provided, fully stocked parts and equipment service trucks to be able to perform all the necessary job functions at the customer location.



As a Mobile Service Technician, you must be smart.  Here is the opportunity to work with the most fundamental disciple of reality, logic.  Logic must be uses to accurately troubleshoot faults, prevent potential fault issues, and provide the client with cost saving long-term issue resolution.  The mobile technician will operate out of the service truck working with electronic tickets from an IPad recording activity, labor, and materials.  The success of our customers depends on the full capabilities of our technicians.  With that in mind, we are dedicated to continuous technician training in order to maintain being on the cutting edge of technology and methodology within the industry.


Personal Development & Character

It is of extreme importance that employees have the ability to lead themselves in a personal life of order.  Why? Because they are entrusted with the responsibilities of running a business.  Mobile Technicians are entrusted to operate and manage a high value, and essential service dependent piece of equipment fully stocked with materials.  Employee must not only care for the assets as if they are their own, but also manage the assets as their own business center.  Employees are given high levels of responsibility that must be met with great personal order and integrity.  This personal responsibility is directly related to the rewards that are to be earned.

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